Thursday, March 7, 2019

Hello to all of our friends and family! We hope you are all doing well and would like to again share our appreciation for each of you that has and continues to journey with us. We thank you for your comments, prayers, support and friendships as we continue to pursue making Jesus' name known throughout the world.

We have learned that mobilizing people for mission, to serve throughout the world or even here locally, requires one to wear many different hats. It can range from conversations with people currently serving on the field, to building relationships with others who have very little idea of what missions looks like or can look like. We believe in our organization, TMS Global, their values and how they support those serving on the field. We have had many conversations with people that went into international missions and struggled because they were not prepared.  We believe TMS Global does an excellent job of preparing people to live cross culturally and to show Christ in their daily lives in places that can be much different from the USA.  Since returning from the field and serving with TMS we have been blessed to mobilize and walk with several CCW's who are now on the field or preparing to depart this year.   We feel fortunate to be used by God in expanding his kingdom.

One of these areas of preparation we serve in with TMS is the Greenlight Gateway mission opportunity. We have again been able to be part of this ministry. This is a mission opportunity that targets college students from age 18-23 primarily. The intent of the program is to give these young people a realistic view of what life is like in another context other than their own, as well as discern what God is asking of them. Over the past three years we have concentrated on trips to Thailand. However, this year we are expanding and have trips planned for the Balkens, Paraguay and Thailand. This year we have 17 people participating in Greenlight including participants and leaders. We ask for your prayers for each of these trips, that God will speak to each person as to what this means for their life. These trips will be from early June through early August.

A second area of preparation is what we call Greenlight Now. In our conversations with churches and young people, we realized the need that high school aged students want to have cross cultural experiences and opportunities also. This month (March 22-24) we are spending a weekend in Clarkston, GA with a mission organization that works in the neighborhoods and apartment complexes to provide a cross cultural experience here in the USA for high school ages. Clarkston is said to be the most culturally diverse square mile in the US, so this sounds like the perfect place. We ask that you pray also for this weekend and those participating and leading.

We continue to visit universities and colleges to speak with students and share parts of our lives that peak their curiosity. On a recent visit to a college we participated in an international festival as part of their mission week. At the table beside us were some students who's parents had immigrated from Thailand to the US. Some had never been to Thailand and wanted to know about our experiences there. Several want to eventually serve in the country of their ancestors.

In February we participated in a Global Impact Celebration at Pierce Chapel UMC. We were able to share with different groups over the course of the weekend about our ministry in Thailand, mobilizing for the Body for Christ and our Greenlight opportunities.  It was a blessing to be able to share this mission minded congregation seeking to go deeper in following Christ and his call.

Again, we thank you for sharing your life and the love Jesus Christ with us. We are an extension of each church and person who journeys with us. We would love to come and share personally with you when you have an opportunity.  Blessings and peace to each of you.

Prayer Requests

For continued relationships and conversations with others called to serve in mission around the world
For our trip to Thailand this summer, serving as leaders for one of the Greenlight trips
For our parents
For our children-Sidney, Ashley, Noah and Hannah Grace
For continued prayer and financial support so we can continue the work he has laid before us here in America

Friday, October 26, 2018

Walking in His Grace

Mission Week at Lee University, Cleveland Tennessee

Hello friends.  Prayers and peace to each of you.  We appreciate you, your prayers, support and interest in our journey in joining Jesus in his mission.   We wanted to update you with how he is moving and using our service in mobilizing and equipping others who are called to be in mission.

Pam speaking at a Women's luncheon
 This Fall we were invited to attend and participate in a Global Impact Celebration at Chapin United Methodist Church in Chapin, South Carolina.  This weekend allowed us the opportunity to share our story and meet many new people who are seeking to serve Jesus.

Global Impact Celebration

Hannah Grace singing "Give me Faith" at Aldersgate UMC

Hannah Grace has been able to share her singing at our home church Aldersgate UMC.  She was a blessing to the congregation and it was beautiful for us to see her using her gifts here in America.  She is studying at an art school called Artios, where she is thriving and meeting new friends.  She is able to keep up with her Thai friends each week so we are thankful for technology to allow for friendships worldwide.

We were able to get our whole family together for a few hours this month.  Since Ashley has moved to LA we aren't able to see one another very often so we are praising God for our brief, but meaningful time together.  We have all learned that moments together are precious and even without much time, family bonds can be deepened and tended to.

Attaway family 2018

This month also included a trip to Lee University in Cleveland Tennessee.  We were able to attend their Mission Week, have a space in the student center to display a TMS information table and personally talk with students and staff.  This was a time to share about the Greenlight summer program and to introduce the opportunity for students this upcoming summer.  

Vincent in Thailand

The biggest joy for us was getting to spend time with our friend Vincent who came to Thailand with Greenlight two summers ago and now is an Inter-Cultural studies major at Lee University.  Vincent has agreed to be a TMS Ambassador so he will be telling others about the Greenlight trips and encouraging them to join one if they are discerning a call to serve in mission.


                                                             Wesley Groups

We have been able to attend Wesley Foundation groups at Furman University in Greenville and Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas.  This opportunity allowed us to meet personally with interested students, to hear their story so we could encourage the and pray for them.  It was sacred time for us to be able to spend time and speak into their lives.  We are hopeful to be able to continue walking in these new relationships.

Texas Tech Wesley
Wesley Group Texas Tech

  These times with college students are  great opportunities to let students know about Greenlight trips that are available for those discerning a call to serve in mission.  This year we have worked to expand the Greenlight Gateway program and will offer four experiences instead of one.  Two will go to Thailand, one focusing on teaching English as a second language and the other a broader experience of culture and ministry.  We also have teams going to Kosovo and Paraguay.  It is exciting to see how the Lord is blessing this program and to be a part of it

We are taking an active role in supporting hosts in each country with Skype calls each month so they will be equipped to offer the best possible experience for students to be spiritually formed in the culture they are living in.  If you happen to know of students who might be interested in these opportunities please contact us or have them go to and look under the Go tab for more information.

Texas Tech Wesley

Another great joy for us as mobilizers with TMS-Global is to walk alongside newly appointed cross-cultural workers as they are training, preparing and raising funds to serve on the field.  We know from first hand experience some of the stress involved with this process as well as the first few months after arrival to the field.  We are assigned to people preparing to serve and contact them regularly during their time of preparation as well as their arrival.  We are able to share practical wisdom such as what to take to the field, to saying goodbyes, to helping with budgets.  We also use this time to pray with them and for them.  One of our "people" is Brooke who attended Greenlight in Thailand two summers ago.  She has recently landed in Thailand and is adjusting to life there.  Brooke plans to spend two years serving in CoLab with TMS where she will work with our teammates and teach/build relationships with our Thai students.  It has been a great blessing to be there for her and others during the times of transition.

Brooke and our Thai teammates and students at Camp

Thank you again for your prayers and support for each of us.  We feel like the Lord is using our gifts and experiences to advance his kingdom around the world.  Please continue to lift us up in prayer along with those we are in discernment with as they hear from the Lord.  May God richly bless and keep you.

Prayers requests:

For continued financial provision so we can serve in mobilizing and caring for CCW's.
For our immediate and extended family.
For God to lead us to the people he is calling to join him in mission around the world.
For the four Greenlight trips Summer 2019 and our efforts to support hosts of the program.
For all those serving in mission in their hometown, state, nation and world. 
Acts 1:8

Monday, July 23, 2018

Back to Thailand with Greenlight Gateway 2018

At the Chedi
Hello friends.   We hope you all are having a blessed summer.   We pray for you and thank you for following along what God is doing in our lives and in Thailand.

Hannah Grace and CJ

We have just gotten back from a month long visit to Thailand.  We took the Greenlight Gateway students and served as hosts for the country.

Hannah Grace had a very happy reunion with her Thai sister CJ!  Both had grown up over the past 8 months, but they picked right back up where they left off.  We feel fortunate and blessed to be able to keep up many of our friendships and treasure our Thai adopted family.

Greenlight and Thai English students in Chinatown doing an Amazing Race

 This is our 3rd year having the opportunity to host the Greenlight Gateway program through TMS-Global.  This year we took 7 college aged students from all over the country to Thailand, along with a leader who is currently a second year student at Asbury Seminary.  The trip was a blessing for the students as it gave them opportunities to be spiritually formed and hear from the Lord.  It is amazing and we get the chance to see first hand, people get out of their comfort zones and in new contexts they are often able to hear more clearly from God.  Their experiences had a lot of time with Thai nationals, many who are Buddhist.  These exchanges allowed them to learn about a culture of people much different from theirs, but also with many similarities.

Essan Lunch

Shining Jesus' love
 Each one was impacted and felt stirrings from God in their walk with him.  Most of them feel like the Lord is calling them to serve either in the US or internationally whenever the time is right.  God grew them on this trip and we are grateful for his presence.  We had challenges along the way, but the time was meaningful for everyone.

Debrief with Maggy and Andrew
Spending time with Patdy teaching at her school in Essan
The trip was also a blessing for the American and Thai missionaries serving in Thailand.  The group was able to bring small gifts from the US and offer them encouragement.   Each missionary unit spent time with the group sharing what life is like on the field.  Most of the students were interested in what were the hardest parts and the best parts of serving cross culturally.  Usually the differences in food and availability of food and language barriers were the common sources of stress as well as being so far from loved ones.   Encouragement came from the relationships with the Thai people and the opportunity to share the love of Christ and to get to learn and do many new things!

Time with Cheryl, CCW about to go South of Thailand to serve

Chris Barbee, Kat and Patdy with Greenlight

The Greenlight experience is designed to help students discerning a call to mission to see what living as a cross cultural worker is really like.  The trip includes some hard parts of ministry including a prayer walk through one of the slums of Bangkok.  This along with a prayer walk in the Redlight district and a visit to an orphanage were some of the most challenging parts for the group.  These experiences helped them to see the needs and burdens that exist in the culture.  Here are a few testimonies of our group participants:

This summer, to say the least, was eye opening and challenging. From having no personal space on public transportation, to eating bugs and mystery meat, to the smells of a Bangkok street, and to the fact that no one seemed to speak english, it was different and at times frustrating. In the midst of all the differences and chellenges I saw God working in the culture. He was using many different people in such a variety of ways. I think this trip really showed me God's heart for all people and his desires for us to use the gifts he has given to go and make disciples.

Fried Crickets

 This was an experience that I was not totally expecting. I knew I had to limit my expectations about how this trip would go. I knew I would be learning about culture, about ministry, and about myself. But I didn’t really dive into dreamland of how I expected this trip to teach me. But I know I wasn’t expecting such big changes about myself or God’s call in to my life. Everyone had a different experience, for God works in a multitude of ways. But for me he opened my eyes to things I was holding in the way of Him and his call in my life: obedience, hope, and trust. There is still work to be done. But this trip as opened up a bigger chapter in my life!

In the slums praying with residents

It’s hard to put into words all this experience has meant to me. It has really been life changing. The Lord broke my heart in Thailand but He also gave me hope in Thailand. This experience has changed my perspective and I’m excited to see what doors it opens.

Offering hygiene packets and prayers
Many of the Thai people we know and love came, sometimes long distances, to see us while we were in Thailand.  We were reminded of the power of love and that when you build relationships in the name of Jesus amazing bonds are created.  Despite distance, culture and language barriers God can form beautiful friendships and community.

Pam with her girls

Todd with his student
Hannah Grace meeting old school friends and family
Our friend Oil flew in from Chiang Mai (8 hours away) to see us
Hannah Grace and Aim
Students now at Universities in Bangkok who came to see us at church

Graysen starting his ministry

 Since working in mobilization we have been blessed with the chance to walk alongside some really wonderful people the Lord is calling to missions.  One in particular is Graysen (pictured above), who arrived to start his term with TMS serving out of the Muang Thai church in Bangkok.  It was a great joy to see him on that side of the world and to be there his first Sunday to introduce him to our students and friends from the church. He will now be able to share life and his passion of discipleship which the Lord has called him to among the least reached in Thailand

Hannah Grace and a 3 day old goat in Nong Phok

Again we are so grateful for you and for your prayers for us and for the Thai people.  We were in Thailand while the young boys were trapped in the cave.  Knowing that so many people in the world were praying for them and for the country was an incredible gift to us and to the Thai people.  We join you in celebration that all were rescued.  We are sure the Lord is moving there and look forward to what he will continue to do in this land that he loves.

Todd and Life
Prayer Requests:

Please pray for the most recent Greenlight group as they continue to process all they learned this summer and seek the Lord's direction in their life.

Pray for us as we begin to plan for next summer and begin training with potential hosts around the world to expand this program.

Please continue to pray for our adjustment to America and for our work here expanding God's kingdom through mobilization and sharing our lives with people.

Please pray for the Thai people and for the ongoing ministry there.  Pray the Lord will raise up more Thai nationals to serve in ministry and let the Western missionaries there work to empower the Thai believers.

Please pray for our children and our parents.

Please pray for continued resources and financial support so we can continue to serve in ministry.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

What we've been up to

Blessings everyone.  We wanted to give you an update on what we have been up to and to invite you to join us in prayer for this season.

Our US based mission work with TMS-Global has been life giving.  We have been able to connect with people who are discerning a call to serve in missions.  Having just gone through the process we are blessed to be able to share with them first hand experiences and pray with them and for them.  As it turns out two of the young adults we have been walking alongside are being called to serve in Thailand!  God is good and we do see he has a plan for us to continue to expand his kingdom and invite others to join him in his mission around the world.

We have had many opportunities to speak at churches and groups since being home.  It is always a joy and privilege to share about what the Lord is doing in Thailand and around the world.  If it wasn't for your support and prayers we would not have had the opportunity to serve and to continue to serve in mobilizing other's to hear and discern the Lord's call in their own life.  We know not everyone is called to serve internationally, but we are all called to join Jesus in his mission and make disciples.  We believe the Lord can use us in expanding his kingdom.  "Thank you" doesn't seem like enough to express the deep gratitude we feel towards you.  We pray the Lord has blessed you in the journey and that you feel a part of this kingdom work.

We have been blessed to reconnect with family and friends and enjoyed the many conveniences of home, but we also miss our Thai friends and now family to us.  Fortunately with the internet we are able to keep up with them and continue to be part of their lives.

Greenlight Gateway 2016 with our Thai leaders 

We will be the hosts for the Greenlight Gateway program in Thailand again this year.  For the past 2 years we have hosted students discerning a call to mission in Thailand for a 4 week experience.  This year we will again be hosts, but we will be traveling with them!  We will take 7 University students and one leader who is in Seminary at Asbury June 7 through July 6.  It will be wonderful for us to get back to Thailand and see everyone as well as the opportunity to walk with these young adults as they are getting out of their comfort zone and hearing from the Lord.  Please pray for our trip and that God uses it for his glory.

Greenlight Gateway Participants 2017 -Worship

TMS has a new mailing address for donations:
 TMS Global, PO Box 936559, Atlanta, GA 31193-6559
Attaway (3018) is our account number.  Thank you again for your faithfulness.

Prayer Requests

For our upcoming trip to Thailand and for God to speak clearly to the participants discerning a call to serve.
For Thailand and the current ministries and those who serve there.  For the Thai people to open their hearts to Jesus and know him personally as their Lord and Savior.
For our family in the US and our parents.
For protection from spiritual warfare.
For ministry in the US and for the Lord to continue to provide the resources for us to continue his work here.
For Hannah Grace and her school options for next year.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Moving Forward

Blessings to each of you from the Attaways!

We are hoping you all are doing well and wanted to update you on our time back in the US so far.
We returned in November and were blessed to spend happy reunions with family and friends we have missed being with for the past 4 years.

Hannah Grace and her brothers
Hannah Grace with Ashley and her boyfriend Zach
Blessed to be with our parents
With Aunt Carolyn

Meeting our new nephew
Family Gathering

We feel blessed and fortunate to have had the chance to meet new nephews, spend time with our parents and especially time with our children; Sidney, Ashley and Noah.  Being together in our home at Christmas was a precious time for us, along with the chance to experience snow for the first time in 5 years.

Colombia, South America

Several life-giving opportunities we have had was the chance to go to Colombia, South America where we met with other cross cultural workers from the Americas in order to get to know them and to create the space for chances to meet with people who are called to serve the Lord on the mission field.  Hannah Grace was able to be with other MKs (Missionary Kids) which is beneficial for her since these are other kids who "get what life is like" living overseas.

With Missionary friends
Lip Sync Battle

Debrief in Colorado

 Our sending agency TMS-Global also required us to do a debrief upon returning to the US.  This was a 5 day experience in Colorado which gave us a chance to be with others who are experiencing many of the same emotions after serving overseas.  We have left our future open to the Lord's call on our lives, but we feel like this season the Lord has asked us to return to the US.  We are being obedient to him and believe our work with helping others hear the call of the Lord on their lives, to join Him in his mission in the world is where he wants us to be.  Already the Lord has affirmed this journey for us by the connections we have made and the people he is putting in our path.  Our prayer is that through our work and witness many more will hear the call of God on their own lives and serve him wherever he leads.  We will be visiting churches, universities and sharing life with individuals who are feeling called.

Beautiful country, but very cold!

Small group at DAR Debrief
Although we feel confirmation from the Lord that we are following his leading it has still been difficult being so far away from our Thai friends and that we also now call family.  We are grateful for the internet and are able to talk with many of them daily.  Hannah Grace is still best friends with CJ and we believe their friendship will be for a lifetime.

Hannah Grace and CJ

As part of our new role as mobilizers we will be taking 7 college students from the US to Thailand for the month of June this year.  This will be our third year hosting students in Thailand and we look forward to being able to see all of our Thai friends and encouraging their walks with the Lord.  God has been gracious in these past experiences in allowing the students to hear from him so please join us in prayer that this summer will be transformative for the ones on a journey of discernment to serve in missions.

Last Year's Greenlight Gateway participants
One participant who has decided to come serve 2 years in Thailand!

Greenlight group at A Day Care in a Slum in Bangkok
P'Todd with a Thai student

Hannah Grace sharing love

We have had many chances to speak to individuals and churches about the Lord's work in Thailand and across the world.  It has been our joy and privilege to share how the Kingdom of God is growing.  We want to have time with each of you who are interested, to catch up on your life and to share about this journey that many of you have been part of.  We could not have and still could not continue to serve in ministry without your prayers and financial support.  Thank you so very much.  We pray the Lord will bless you richly as you bless us.

Prayer Requests

The academic camp in Thailand is staring March 15, lasting for 3 weeks this year.  Please join us in prayer for the staff and students as they have an opportunity to learn and most importantly hear about Jesus.  We will be sending out the names of students in the next week so that you can be praying specifically for each one.

Please pray for our families and especially our parents.

Pray for our transition back and especially for Hannah Grace and for deep friendships here in America.

Pray for our work here in America and for our hearts as we grieve being away from our loved ones across the world.

Please pray for our continued support so we can continue to be in ministry.